Balai Samudra,Kelapa Gading

Balai Samudra January 24,2010

Indonesian wedding is really unique..eventhough some use  a traditional dance for a grand entrance,they usually want english songs sang by Jazz Band as entertainment during the reception..And only some local/Indonesian songs requested..They said local songs are identic for High school gathering..Not so?? (I dont think so..some Indonesian songs are really really suitable for wedding..depends on the clients..)

This time was diffrent for us..The wedding client ask us to sing MANDARIN SONGS(almost 80% of the list) which are  in sweet pop and jazzy tunes..Some Popular Mandarin songs like: Hua Xiang(Ambrose Hsu),Yong Qi(OST Corner With Love…btw,what is that?I should watch hongkong drama movie next time..:p),Jin Tian Ni Yao,Zhe Saho Hai,Your Heart My Heart(Nicholas Teo)..and many more..

Sang by a beautiful voice of Guna,amazing jazzy tunes of our guitarist Edo, and last but not least our bassist Anto(he join the Aminoto Kosin and Indo Idol Band)..

MUSIC is the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE..English,Indonesian,Mandarin, or What ever the Language dont hesitate to call us for diffrent taste of entertainment..


~ by vicky on January 24, 2010.

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